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When winter is fast approaching, problems with our boilers are more often to occur in colder months. Outdated sluggish boilers become less efficient and make homes and businesses uncomfortable and less warm. Also, this is going to increase your energy bills and you will have to pay more than what is required.
Whether you need boiler service, a gas appliance to be fixed or a heating system to be installed properly, it is not always easy to choose a professional gas engineer. So you need to be careful while choosing one of them. Make sure the professional is fully qualified and experienced to do the job. They should have experience of working with a wide range of different heating installations and equipment. But the main job of a gas engineer is installing, repairing and servicing boilers. They will let you know a lot of things that you might not know about your boiler. Here are few things a gas engineer will let you know about your boiler.
– Upgrading your boiler will save you a lot: A new energy efficient boiler equipped with a full set of heating controls will save you a lot.
– Managing the temperature will increase efficiency: Turning down your thermostat by as little as one degree will decrease your heating bills.
– Right pressure will increase efficiency: If you check the pressure from time to time, it will increase the efficiency of your boiler.
– Stronger flames indicate better burn: Make sure the flames of the boiler is clear blue. If it appears orange, red or hazy, it may be a sign of fuel burning incorrectly or there can also be the presence of carbon monoxide.
During an annual boiler service, your gas engineer will go through a list of checks to ensure the reliability and safety of your boiler. They will check the performance, safety, and see if there are any broken parts that need repair or replacement. An annual boiler service ensures your boiler will provide you with an excellent service all year round. Now let us discuss the benefits of annual boiler service.
– Your home remains safe: Servicing your boiler annually helps to prevent any potentIal risks and dangers associated with your boiler. When your boiler stops working properly, it may release toxic carbon monoxide. These gases are pose serious risks and extremely dangerous to anyone exposed to them.
– Reduction in utility bills: During servicing, the boiler efficiency is checked and the boiler parts are cleaned. You can save a good amount on your monthly heating bills if your boiler runs at optimal efficiency.
– Identify problems early: While working, a gas engineer will spot problems easily and quickly. Identifying the problems early can help reduce further damage to the boiler and thus save money on costly repairs.
– Cheaper than buying a new boiler: When you get your boiler serviced annually by a gas engineer, you will have less complicated issues. If the boiler is neglected, there will come a time when you will have to replace it. This situation will not arise if servicing is done at regular intervals.
Now the question is who can complete an annual boiler service? A gas engineer with a proven track record should be selected for this work. This will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. A professional will ensure the efficiency and safety of your boiler, so that you can rest assured your boiler service needs is in the right hands.
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