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About Boiler Installation

If your boiler appears to be working harder than ever, but never produces sufficient heat or if it is squeaking and creaking and not heating evenly at home, it may be time for you to consider a new boiler installation. The expected general lifespan of a home heating boiler is 15-20 years. Although the modern boilers are even more energy efficient they will also eventually wear out. A new boiler installation will save you on the utility bills in the long run, although the immediate financial cost may be huge.

Water is circulated through in-floor plastic piping, baseboard heaters and wall radiators as part of the central heating system of a hydronic boiler. This type of home heating system is far more energy-efficient and less bulky than the more popular forced air furnace. Purchase of a new boiler must include looking for the Energy Star certification if you are to ensure that your new boiler is certified with an annual fuel efficiency rating.

Boiler options that suit the budget and home are available for installation from leading brands. The physical size of your home and number of family members living there will dictate what the heating capacity size of your boiler should be. This will then determine the cost. If you have to replace or repair any ductwork, location and climate, setup of radiators and necessary pipes and removal of the old boiler, are also factors influencing the final cost estimate.

All boilers must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. They must also be fully trained to do installations. You can obtain quick quotes online which will give you an estimated cost within a few seconds after being asked to answer several questions about your home and current heating system. Appointments for surveyors to visit your home and give a final and more accurate quote can also be set up. This will ensure that there are no hidden costs once your boiler installation is completed.

The modern boiler is much greener which means improved performance. These do not rely on pilot light but are instead ignited by electricity which constantly consumes fuel. More heat is extracted from the given amount of fuel because of the advanced combustion technology. This results in a decreased carbon footprint. The possibility of hazardous emissions is reduced due to the sealed combustion system that fuels the boiler’s burner from the outside. Condensing boilers are the most efficient boiler type that has been developed because they preheat cold water before entering the boiler with the use of waste heat.

Home heating boiler systems work with the use of several different fuels. Electric, propane, oil and natural gas are the most commonly used fuels. If you are able to connect to a local service or already have a gas line installed, a natural gas boiler will most likely be the most cost efficient. Operating an electric boiler will incur the most expensive since electricity costs are very high. By regularly servicing your boiler you will ensure it remains more efficient.

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