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About Boiler Kings Glasgow

Since becoming established we have led the way with customer service. We will put all our energy into making our services transparent, simpler and more valuable for our customers. Once we have had a conversation with you, we will want to do a whole lot more. After identifying the areas you would like us to work on, we can focus on making life a lot easier for you.

It is our intention to find ways with and methods of working that will save you money. Because we are a reputable company with a great experience we are willing to help you when and where you require our services most. We will go beyond what are the regular guaranteed standards to meet any and all commitments we make with you.


Fair treatment is also a big part of our customer service. It is important to us that we acknowledge you have chosen our company although you have a choice of which electric or gas services you want to use. Given the opportunity, we will show how grateful we are by making a meaningful contribution to your projects. It is our aim to constantly try and improve our standards of conduct and the experience of our suppliers.

All our actions towards you will be carried out in a professional, transparent and honest manner. All information given to you by us will be clear and easy to understand, accurate, complete and truthful. It will also be related to appropriate products and services that you have requested and we have discussed.

Throughout the length of your project, our work will be reviewed to ensure that it is thorough, transparent and complete. All errors and mistakes will be fixed promptly and without a fuss.Contacting us is easy. Your vulnerable situation allows us to show flexibility and support by making arrangements that are more suitable for your needs.

Whether your requirements are boiler installations or repairs, we will always endeavour to give you our best services while assuring you that you have come to the right place.We offer a range of options that will see your boiler up and be running as soon as possible. Our options are clearly outlined so that you can easily locate one that suits you best.

We offer our products and parts at competitive rates and have several boiler options that you can select from. This includes a full range of boiler repair services. Boiler cleaning and conversions are another part of our excellent and competitive service.

Some options may include parts and labor while others will not. Contracts are available and all terms and conditions outlined. Our wealth of experience with boiler installations and repairs ensures our confidence to do a quality job that is of a higher standard than offered by other similar services in our locality. It is precisely for this reason that we have more requests to do projects than other boiler installation and repair companies in our district. We are committed to complete any and all agreements we make to the very best of our ability.

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