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Boiler Kings of Glasgow

Welcome to Boiler Kings, Glasgow’s premier boiler repair and installation company. We have been in business since 2007 and bring with us a wealth of experience that ensures you will have the best experience. 


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Contact Information

Welcome to Boiler Kings, we are here ready and waiting for your call.

We handle all types of boiler issues from servicing to installation and repair. 

Quality workmanship guaranteed.

Tel: 0141 465 5245


Local Glasgow Plumbing Company

We are a locally based boiler company. We have been maintaining and installing boilers for over 10 years. 

Flat 3/2, 289a Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 7YA

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Boiler Services Offered

Here are Boiler Kings, we offer a wide variety of services ranging from domestic to commercial boiler repairs, servicing, maintenance and installation. Whatever you are looking for, we have you covered. Call us to arrange a free quote.

About Boiler Kings

Since becoming established we have led the way with customer service. We will put all our energy into making our services transparent, simpler and more valuable for our customers. Once we have had a conversation with you, we will want to do a whole lot more. After identifying the areas you would like us to work on, we can focus on making life a lot easier for you.

It is our intention to find ways with and methods of working that will save you money. Because we are a reputable company with a great experience we are willing to help you when and where you require our services most. We will go beyond what are the regular guaranteed standards to meet any and all commitments we make with you.

Fair treatment is also a big part of our customer service. It is important to us that we acknowledge you have chosen our company although you have a choice of which electric or gas services you want to use. Given the opportunity, we will show how grateful we are by making a meaningful contribution to your projects. It is our aim to constantly try and improve our standards of conduct and the experience of our suppliers.

All our actions towards you will be carried out in a professional, transparent and honest manner. All information given to you by us will be clear and easy to understand, accurate, complete and truthful. It will also be related to appropriate products and services that you have requested and we have discussed.

Throughout the length of your project, our work will be reviewed to ensure that it is thorough, transparent and complete. All errors and mistakes will be fixed promptly and without a fuss.Contacting us is easy. Your vulnerable situation allows us to show flexibility and support by making arrangements that are more suitable for your needs.

Whether your requirements are boiler installations or repairs, we will always endeavour to give you our best services while assuring you that you have come to the right place.We offer a range of options that will see your boiler up and be running as soon as possible. Our options are clearly outlined so that you can easily locate one that suits you best.

We offer our products and parts at competitive rates and have several boiler options that you can select from. This includes a full range of boiler repair services. Boiler cleaning and conversions are another part of our excellent and competitive service.

Some options may include parts and labor while others will not. Contracts are available and all terms and conditions outlined. Our wealth of experience with boiler installations and repairs ensures our confidence to do a quality job that is of a higher standard than offered by other similar services in our locality. It is precisely for this reason that we have more requests to do projects than other boiler installation and repair companies in our district. We are committed to complete any and all agreements we make to the very best of our ability.

Boiler Installation

If your boiler appears to be working harder than ever, but never produces sufficient heat or if it is squeaking and creaking and not heating evenly at home, it may be time for you to consider a new boiler installation. The expected general lifespan of a home heating boiler is 15-20 years. Although the modern boilers are even more energy efficient they will also eventually wear out. A new boiler installation will save you on the utility bills in the long run, although the immediate financial cost may be huge.

Water is circulated through in-floor plastic piping, baseboard heaters and wall radiators as part of the central heating system of a hydronic boiler. This type of home heating system is far more energy-efficient and less bulky than the more popular forced air furnace. Purchase of a new boiler must include looking for the Energy Star certification if you are to ensure that your new boiler is certified with an annual fuel efficiency rating.

Boiler options that suit the budget and home are available for installation from leading brands. The physical size of your home and number of family members living there will dictate what the heating capacity size of your boiler should be. This will then determine the cost. If you have to replace or repair any ductwork, location and climate, setup of radiators and necessary pipes and removal of the old boiler, are also factors influencing the final cost estimate.

All boilers must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. They must also be fully trained to do installations. You can obtain quick quotes online which will give you an estimated cost within a few seconds after being asked to answer several questions about your home and current heating system. Appointments for surveyors to visit your home and give a final and more accurate quote can also be set up. This will ensure that there are no hidden costs once your boiler installation is completed.

The modern boiler is much greener which means improved performance. These do not rely on pilot light but are instead ignited by electricity which constantly consumes fuel. More heat is extracted from the given amount of fuel because of the advanced combustion technology. This results in a decreased carbon footprint. The possibility of hazardous emissions is reduced due to the sealed combustion system that fuels the boiler’s burner from the outside. Condensing boilers are the most efficient boiler type that has been developed because they preheat cold water before entering the boiler with the use of waste heat.

Home heating boiler systems work with the use of several different fuels. Electric, propane, oil and natural gas are the most commonly used fuels. If you are able to connect to a local service or already have a gas line installed, a natural gas boiler will most likely be the most cost efficient. Operating an electric boiler will incur the most expensive since electricity costs are very high. By regularly servicing your boiler you will ensure it remains more efficient.

Boiler Repair

Proper functioning of the boiler system is essential for comfortable living as hot water is nothing less than a necessity for any family in the modern times. Therefore, whenever a problem is encountered with a boiler at any home, the homeowner immediately requires getting it repaired or serviced to get an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

Most probably, a boiler breakdown problem might occur in the dead of winter, which can make life uncomfortable for the homeowner as well as his family. Therefore, it becomes imperative to look for a boiler servicing company which gives the best and most affordable service through its qualified and experienced team of professionals.

Tips for choosing boiler repair Glasgow

1. First of all, one needs to look for the available options among the boiler servicing companies in Glasgow. For this purpose, one can look through the yellow pages or search on the internet to get to know about the reputed companies in one’s area.

2. Reviews on the internet can be as useful for choosing an ideal service provider. One can approach friends, relatives or acquaintances, who have already availed the services of a particular company before and get to know about the quality of service provided by them. Also, online reviews can prove to be of great help.

3. One can choose a few top options among the available ones and ask for quotes regarding the job to be done. They may be called to get the quotes, and a comparison can be made to arrive at the name of a boiler servicing company, which gives the best of results at a minimum of price to ensure that you get the best deal.

Additionally, a good boiler servicing company is the one which not only provides a feasible solution for an existing issue but also suggests the homeowner a solution for a potential one. As it is said, prevention is better than cure and a well-servicing company will help you to a great extent to prevent any kind of boiler problems likely to occur in future.

Quality services provided by our boiler repair Glasgow company

Boiler repair Glasgow is the best provider of services for boiler repairs in Glasgow. It is vital to have your boiler repair being done by a qualified and registered engineer, so you get confident that the processing and security check is standard. At Glasgow boiler repair, almost all of our engineers are professionals, and Corgi registered.

From installation to troubleshooting, upgrades to maintenance – Our Professionals are qualified in all aspects of the boiler. So if, for example, you have to break a cauldron in the middle of winter, we will be able to direct you to someone who has experience in all areas of repair of the boiler is sent. Glasgow can sometimes be a tricky and tiresome place to get reliable broiler repairs professional, whose standards you can trust to find. 

To avoid a collapse of boilers and boiler repairs in Glasgow that call for urgent, our engineers have some useful tips to help save energy, become more energy efficient to save money and prolong the life of your boiler. This regular annual maintenance tank, the insulation on the roof and exhaust, thermostat valves are provided in all rooms so that independently control the temperature and advice on how to choose an energy efficient boiler when to update its time.

For landlords in the capital and throughout the country, it is essential that all boilers and heating systems are maintained and repaired to the standards of public health and safety regulations required. Boiler repair Glasgow can guarantee these standards for landlords boiler repairs in Glasgow.

Whether you are a domestic, industrial and commercial buildings, you can feel safe in calling for Boiler repair Glasgow and the surrounding areas.


Everybody in Glasgow requires the services of a plumber. It can be simple jobs like clogged drains or sinks. It can be complicated issues like water system installations. However, one thing is certain; even if the job is not as complicated as the heavy services, still, any type of plumbing work requires a professional plumber. A layman person like you has to understand that only an expert has the right to do such services.

Why contact Glasgow plumbing contractors for various home services? This is a very good law considering plumbers are dealing with sensitive plumbing services. Like a doctor who treats the sick people or a dentist who has the license to pull out teeth or perform surgery, a plumber has to be licensed before he can practice his craft. If the plumber has the necessary credentials, it is safe to assume that he is skilled and therefore, any type of plumbing service that he will encounter is a sure fix without hazards and troubles. Licensed and qualified Glasgow plumbers are the people you need to call for various home services. Will you rely on an unlicensed doctor to perform surgery on you? No, definitely not! It is the same with plumbing services. You have to contact a licensed master plumber for specialized services or an apprentice for simple home jobs. What services are being offered by Glasgow plumbers? It is a very broad industry. But plumbers can start with residential plumbing and go on from there with added certifications and specialized services.

Some plumbers are experts in commercial construction. Some are additionally skilled in medical and gas services. Some take care of anything regarding pump and irrigation systems while other plumbers are into limited volume pump and irrigation systems (100 gallons per minute volume). And do not forget about backflow problems – only specially trained plumbers are allowed to touch on that. Another important reason why you should consider hiring a plumber would be to install any piping you may need. Without the proper installation of pipes in our homes and businesses, we would not be able to enjoy the basic sanitary pleasures that you enjoy today. Also, you would not have the pleasure of having clean running water in your home without these pipes. Without having the modern piping today, you would find yourself drinking out of wells and using the outhouses of years gone by. Both methods are less convenient and even more unsanitary.

Although there are still people of today that uses these methods, more people actually prefer to use the pleasures of piping today. It is Arguable that plumbing is actually important in our day to day living. However, many plumbers are getting bad reputations since they are not needed daily. However, now that you have read this let’s hope you realize that they provide a very valuable service to today’s society. Without your plumber, you would not be able to enjoy all the comforts of today. Also if there are any problems, you would have to deal with them on your own which does not always work.

Boiler Servicing & Repair

Boilers are always a very important plumbing installation in any house, be it residential or commercial. It, therefore, goes without saying that, any time this important fixture breaks down, the occupants of the building are in trouble, and hence it has to be fixed as soon as possible. In such situations, you have to move swiftly and find a reliable boiler servicing & repair that can put your boiler back into perfect working condition.

Accredited servicing essential for boiler servicing:

Professional boiler servicing & repair company should be having accreditation from concerned authorities. This is an important requirement because of the technical requirement in the functioning of the heating system. Unless a service provider is having the knowledge of the boiler functions, that person will not be able to pick the snag and correct it properly. Therefore, you should check if their boiler serviceman has the right qualifications and authorization to carry out the necessary work.

Proper installation helps lower maintenance work:

During installation of the boilers, the fittings should be laid out properly. Starting from the positioning of the boiler to the regulations of the building, all necessary factors should be understood properly. Residents need to be aware that these fittings are to be done according to certain legislation. If these are done rightly, then there will be an understanding of the work that is being done by a trusted Boiler Servicing & Repair. Before the installation is done, house owners should ask the installing engineers to provide them with a demo and check the machine for any possible faults.

Checking of components inside the boiler machines:

One of the major requirements during boiler servicing is the opening up of individual parts. The common man will not know about all the parts that are present in this equipment. But, they should at least realize that there are electrical components, valve system and lots of hidden parts. Opening the boiler and checking all these parts is not possible on his part. So, a reputable boiler service should make sure that they are inspecting these hidden elements also, in order to detect any problem. House owners should oversee these works by understanding this simple fact, which will enable them to have proper servicing of the boilers and no issues in the coming winter season.

Change of parts if required can be done during servicing:

Since the boiler equipment comprises of many small but necessary parts, any change being required should be immediately attended. This is up to the providers of boiler service to immediately replace them and should be asked by the owners. There are different service warranties which can cover such replacements. These can be enquired from the service engineers or from the company. Such awareness is most important on part of the house owners or those having boilers installed. It will enable an error-free heating and smooth operations of the boilers.
Boilers are an integral part of any building, especially in cold regions or during winter, since it ensures warmth for everyone within the building. You wouldn’t want to even imagine a scenario where the boiler breaks down on a winter night! Just thinking about it can make anybody shudder. Since you would never want to through the harrowing experience of sleeping in a house without a boiler during winter, you have to ensure that your boiler is regularly and properly maintained. Some simple maintenance steps can be done by you, but you also need a qualified boiler servicing & repair company.

Gas Engineer

When winter is fast approaching, problems with our boilers are more often to occur in colder months. Outdated sluggish boilers become less efficient and make homes and businesses uncomfortable and less warm. Also, this is going to increase your energy bills and you will have to pay more than what is required.
Whether you need boiler service, a gas appliance to be fixed or a heating system to be installed properly, it is not always easy to choose a professional gas engineer. So you need to be careful while choosing one of them. Make sure the professional is fully qualified and experienced to do the job. They should have experience of working with a wide range of different heating installations and equipment. But the main job of a gas engineer is installing, repairing and servicing boilers. They will let you know a lot of things that you might not know about your boiler. Here are few things a gas engineer will let you know about your boiler.
– Upgrading your boiler will save you a lot: A new energy efficient boiler equipped with a full set of heating controls will save you a lot.
– Managing the temperature will increase efficiency: Turning down your thermostat by as little as one degree will decrease your heating bills.
– Right pressure will increase efficiency: If you check the pressure from time to time, it will increase the efficiency of your boiler.
– Stronger flames indicate better burn: Make sure the flames of the boiler is clear blue. If it appears orange, red or hazy, it may be a sign of fuel burning incorrectly or there can also be the presence of carbon monoxide.
During an annual boiler service, your gas engineer will go through a list of checks to ensure the reliability and safety of your boiler. They will check the performance, safety, and see if there are any broken parts that need repair or replacement. An annual boiler service ensures your boiler will provide you with an excellent service all year round. Now let us discuss the benefits of annual boiler service.
– Your home remains safe: Servicing your boiler annually helps to prevent any potentIal risks and dangers associated with your boiler. When your boiler stops working properly, it may release toxic carbon monoxide. These gases are pose serious risks and extremely dangerous to anyone exposed to them.
– Reduction in utility bills: During servicing, the boiler efficiency is checked and the boiler parts are cleaned. You can save a good amount on your monthly heating bills if your boiler runs at optimal efficiency.
– Identify problems early: While working, a gas engineer will spot problems easily and quickly. Identifying the problems early can help reduce further damage to the boiler and thus save money on costly repairs.
– Cheaper than buying a new boiler: When you get your boiler serviced annually by a gas engineer, you will have less complicated issues. If the boiler is neglected, there will come a time when you will have to replace it. This situation will not arise if servicing is done at regular intervals.
Now the question is who can complete an annual boiler service? A gas engineer with a proven track record should be selected for this work. This will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. A professional will ensure the efficiency and safety of your boiler, so that you can rest assured your boiler service needs is in the right hands.


Heating & Gas

Using the heating and gas services has been an exceptionally visit matter all around the globe. However, the nature of these services changes to a considerable degree. Amid the winter season, inhabitants of a few sections of Scotland encounter colossal cool, and thus of that, they feel the necessity of the heating machines. Given the extensive utilization of the room heating frameworks, the need for the distinctive heating and gas services has additionally ascended.

In the Glasgow region of Scotland, the best heating and gas services are accessible. These services are efficient in the pipes works also. The multitasking capacity that they have has made them very significant according to our clients.

Gas Adjustment

Gas related inconveniences are very outstanding to the individuals who utilize the kitchens. In the houses, as well as in the eateries also, the utilization of the gas appliances is devastation. Updating these ovens may require some critical energy if a beginner wanders in the undertaking. So it is ideal to abandon it in the hands of the experts. The heating and gas services Glasgow have procured admission notoriety in the business. Also, their service people don’t charge thrilling cost for their services. Their legal value and quick solutions for the gas-related issues have made them invited in the more significant part of the family kitchens and eateries of Scotland.

Overhauling Room Heating Processes

The necessity of the focal heating procedure is very high amid the winter. On occasion, when the temperature drops down to zero or beneath, these heating frameworks are the ones to be utilized broadly. That is the reason, sometime recently, the winter season arrives, it is ideal to have an appropriate check of these room heating frameworks. Be that as it may, if the service people are not legitimately prepared for the services in the correct path, then quite possibly they would influence the framework as opposed to keeping up it appropriately. That is the reason benefiting the prepared and experienced specialists of the heating and gas services of Glasgow happens to be exceedingly vital.

Another matter to be remembered while making the adjusting of the room heating services is the part of wellbeing. The expert service people additionally need to investigate this case legitimately. If we finish the correct adjusting of the heating service, then just the clients can be guaranteed required concerning the wellbeing issues.

Other than the focal room heating services, if there should be an occurrence of the other electrical contraptions for heating likewise, adjusting happens to be fundamental. It can be the radiators in the kitchen or the littler heating gadgets in the front room, making them checked by the heating and gas services of Glasgow happens to be very important. Be that as it may, these master experts don’t set aside along extends of opportunity to investigate these gadgets, and if any intricacy is discovered, then they take the best activity to settle them legitimately.

Other than these services, they are additionally productive in tending to the diverse issues identified with pipes.

The data given above makes it clear that the utilization of these heating and gas services Glasgow of the Glasgow region have an intelligent arrangement of offering their services and that they provide a slightest time traverse. The services don’t comprise of any additional charges or anything. Therefore of that, the client’s fulfillment is very high. These distinctive focuses have made these heating and gas service apples of the eye for the clients.


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